• Valerie Vides

Window Corporation Welfare: Planned Obsolescence

Sadly, we hear "We're replacing our old windows to be more energy efficient to help the environment" or "We're upgrading to save on our power bill" or "I don't want to have to think about my windows again in the next 40 or so years and the lifetime guarantee is too good to pass up." What makes us sad is the Fake News the Window Corporations are selling people and locking them into a 15 to 20 year replacement cycle when the windows fail and the company who sold them to you is conveniently out of business or the company reorganized to change names to void those lifetime warranties they promised.

When the seals fail and there's moisture between the glass, the entire sash goes to the landfill and a new one is installed. Repair is not an option when a baseball cracks the glass, that sash goes to the landfill and the cycle continues.

Those old, wooden windows were built to last hundreds of years and designed to be taken apart and have parts replaced and put back together again. Broken glass, easy replace the pane of glass, leaking water, replace the glazing, missing or broken muntin a new one can be fabricated, often from reclaimed wood to match. The truth is those 100+ year old windows are made of dense old growth wood and tested to show when properly maintained, they perform as well as those replacement windows.

Another truth those old failing windows, were meant to be serviced about every 70 or so odd years. In this time you'd have added a houseful of windows to the landfill 3 or 4 times.

Let us help you break the Window Corporation Welfare cycle by repairing and restoring your wooden windows. For those who were blinded by the marketing of the corporations and want to turn back the hands of time, we are here to help you too! We can fabricate new sash to restore the windows in your home.

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